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SNEEZE GUARD Acrylic Plexiglass Table Desk Checkout counter Shield 24" 32" 48"

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Type: Acrylic Board

Color: Clear

Size: 48" Wide x 32" Tall; 32" Wide x24" Tall; 24" Wide x24" Tall

Cutout: 18" wide x6" tall


The partition can effectively prevent the spread of droplets, protect the health of your customers, employees, and workers from a surprise sneeze or cough with this portable, reusable clear acrylic panel.

The acrylic board is clear, the light transmittance 97%, without blocking vision.

It can be quickly and easily added to most desktop and tabletop.

Slotting design help to easily transfer paper, credit cards, and document stacks.

It is ideal for a sales closing desk, receptionist, indoor or outdoor countertop, or cashier table.

Package Included:

1 x Acrylic Board