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Is your site safe to use?

Absolutely! We respect the privacy of our customers. Our official Privacy and Security Statement is designed to help you understand what information we gather from you and how it’s used. Please be aware that this policy may change from time to time.

We collect and store information about the pages viewed by all of our website visitors. Our goal in using this information is to improve our site by making it more responsive to the needs and preferences of our customers. Information may include web pages and your computer's internet protocol (IP) address.

In order to shop with us, your browser must be set to accept cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data that helps us recognize you when you visit our sites. We use cookies to help us remember things such as the following:

The areas on our site you’ve visited and may be interested in seeing again
The items you’ve placed in your shopping cart
The only personal information our cookie can contain is information that you supply yourself
We want you to be able to shop with us with complete confidence. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable shopping with us online, we invite you to contact us at:


What method of payment do you accept?

We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Most orders arrive within 3-5 Business Days.

If you buy more than 5 items, please contact us via this email, we will offer special solution for you.

Will I receive tracking information for my order?


Why are there no updates on my orders tracking?

The time between the initial package scan and its arrival in the country of delivery, is the lengthiest amount of time. Once it arrives in the country of delivery an estimated delivery date generally updates within a few business days.

Why is my order cost different than my bank charge?

As our prices are listed in USD (as indicated at checkout) you may notice a different charge on your bank statement than on your orders receipt, this is due to the conversion rate processed by your bank.

Can I change my order?

We start working on your order as soon as we get it, so we are unable to make any changes or modifications to an order after it has been placed and confirmed.

How can I add a discount code to my order?

If you received a discount code, you can enter this code at the checkout page.