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Custom Victory Cross Roads Country Highway Bar Engine Guard Crash Magnum 10-2017

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Fits: 2010-2017 Cross Roads / Roads custom/ Cross Country Tour

         2011 Cory Ness Cross Country

        2012 Cross Roads® / Cross Roads® Classic LE

        2013 ZachNess Cross Country / Cory Ness Cross Country Tour

        2014 Cross Roads® 8 Ball/ Cross Roads® Classic/15th Anniv Cross Country Tour/ Cross Country 8 Ball/ Ness Cross Country

2015 Cross Country LE/ Cross Country FCP

2015-2016 Magnum/ Ness Magnum/ Magnum X-1

Give a Victory Cross Country a classic touring cruiser look with these Tube  BLACK Highway Bars, which are standard on the Victory Cross Roads.

They feature classic tube construction and have a premium BLACK finish.

·        Bars feature clean, classic tube construction and bright, premium  BLACK finish.

·        Bars deliver reliable low-speed tip-over protection.

·        For additional long-riding comfort, add a pair of accessory Offset Pegs (part number 2874837, sold separately)

Highway Bar Tube BLACK

Manufacturer Part Number: 2878325