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1Extra difference amount shipping cost fee

Switch 6x9" speaker-hole lids to 6.5" ones at order#3244

exchange double din cover for order#3280

double din radio cover for order#3305

Amber led light for order#1958(4 pieces)

Best price of 7" double din cover for order#3333

Exchange a spare one of luggage rack(E52) for order#3274

TODD COLLEY for F26 Brackets 

poboystore for F26 Brackets

larryamamot0 (eBay-Bennie) pay the shipping $15

ronaldros_90 (eBay- bennie) pay the shipping $10

str868rs (ebay-Bennie) fairing bolts and rubber seals

papopredator (eBay-Bennie) pay more the shipping cost