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Rear Fender Rail Accent Victory Cross Country Roads Tour Ness Hard Ball Cory nes

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This Rear Fender Rail Accent gives the high-visibility tail end of your bike a finished, polished look. It attaches at the bottom edge of the fender and complements the chrome of the exhaust. The tail of your bike is going to attract a lot of attention because of its distinctive styling, and this Rear Fender Rail Accent enhances its look.

 It’s equivalent to part number 2877780

2010-2017 Cross Country

2010 Cross Roads

2011 Cross Roads Custom

2012 Cross Roads®

2012 Cross Roads® Classic LE

2012 Cory Ness Cross Country

2012-2017 Cross Country Tour

2013 Cory Ness Cross Country Tour

2013 ZachNess Cross Country

2014 Cross Roads® 8 Ball

2014 Cross Roads® Classic

2014 15th Anniv Cross Country Tour

2014 Cross Country 8 Ball

2014 Ness Cross Country

2015 Cross Country LE

2015 Cross Country FCP

2015 Magnum

                                                                                            2015 Ness Magnum