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Usa-bikercomm Polaris Slingshot Top Accessories Kits Fenders Custom New Version

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Top off your Slingshot and elevate your riding comfort. The Slingshot Excursion Top provides cool shade when sunny days inspire long drives. Getting in and out is easy with the extended height that offers more headroom and better visibility. 

The top features two raptor wings that elevate with a built-in hydraulic shock on each side. To lift the wings from their locked position, you'll press the latch located on the underside of the wing allowing it to articulate up and out of the way.. giving you adequate head clearance to enter and exit the Slingshot. You'll notice when in the seated position with the wings closed you have an ample amount of headroom with or without a helmet.

TIG Welded steel Frame & Removable Roof Panels with a Black Textured Finish